Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in personality change, development, and prediction (yes, I promise they are different from one another). However, my research regularly integrates all three areas - making it somewhat difficult to place it in a single category at times!

Brief notes on my general views for personality research: 

When I say "personality," I intentionally mean that in a very broad sense – personality is much more than just mean-levels of traits!

Personality is also more than traits in general, but I do typically abide by a trait perspective in my research. 

Also, while I acknowledge the nomothetic versus idiographic debate and ways of conceptualizing & conducting research on personality, I prefer to view these matters from a variable- versus person-centered perspective. 

Ultimately, the common theme of my research is using longitudinal data to examine the nature, development, and implications of personality traits from both a variable- and person-centered perspective.

For all of my research, though, I'm interested not only in the average, sample-level trends or associations we see in the data, but more importantly in the individual differences that emerge for these effects. That is, I wish to answer questions such as:

Moreover, I am curious about the impact that different analytical and methodological choices have on subsequent inferences. I tend to take a data-driven approach to my research, so understanding the ramifications of how researchers go about using data to answer their questions is of huge interest to me. Examples of questions I have for this work are:

If you're interested in reading more about a specific area of research, or if you wish to see a representative list of selected papers I've done that are relevant to that given area, feel free to click on that topic below :-)

Specific Areas

Personality Change

Personality Development

Personality Prediction